Yummy Yoghurt


Oh so easy and yummy. ¬†Don’t forget to get it out of the hot water cupboard in the morning!!

I use this yoghurt everywhere I would use store bought Рwith cereal, by itself, with fruit, with a curry.  Eating plenty of this really helps me with that heavy bloated belly thing that goes on.


1 lt milk

1/4 cup plain/unsweetened yoghurt (must have active cultures listed as ingredient – I used Yoplait Natural)


Warm milk to 200 F (looks bubbly but not boiling)

Pour into cool container, place in cold water bath, cool down to 115 F (6-7 mins in water bath)

Add a little of the milk to yoghurt, mix well

Mix this back with milk

Pour into airtight container and place in hot water cupboard overnight.

When serving add a little honey to taste (I like it without), berries, or fresh fruit from the fruit bowl.