Mr Vomitus Comitus and Furballs

jasper-vcAs our furry friend, Jasper, has been getting older the incidence of coughing up furballs and removing his recently eaten cat biscuits by way of projectile vomiting (across the living room floor) has increased.  Significantly.

Recent trips to the vet hadn’t shed any light on the issue and it didn’t seem to matter what type of biscuits we bought (senior cat, kitten, brand, flavor, really stupidly expensive ones from the vet), the issue wasn’t settling down.

A couple of weeks ago while perusing the biscuits in the pet isle and contemplating the feel of warm regurgitated cat biccy’s under my feet I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Out came the trusty phone and I found a recipe from here.  Off we went, on a mission and bought the required wheat germ, tin of sardines and non-fat milk powder.

Later that evening…

My significant other who happens to be Jasper’s favorite Daddy got cooking.  My first hint of this was an extremely unpleasant odour wafting across my nose while my brain was buried in Shortie Street.

There is nothing worse than the smell of sardines cooking.

Wait, yes there is.  Jasper didn’t like them and wouldn’t eat them.  The bonus, Daddy loved them.  He was eating them like nuts from a bowl on Christmas Day (give me garlic breath any day).

After much discussion (aka me complaining about sardine breath) we decided to get back on track and add catnip to the mix for the next batch.  That made a difference, Jasper is now eating 4-5 biccy’s at a time.

We are now about to make our third batch of homemade cat biscuits, this week we are giving mackrel a go.  We will try out different fish/meat and with/without catnip to see which ones Jasper likes best. Until we have a variety of replacements to store bought biccy’s Jasper is having 2 meals of raw meat each day.  Because the biccy’s were such a big part of Jasper’s diet we are keeping an eye on his weight.



  • 7 oz mashed sardines (we used a 106 gm tin in olive oil)
  • 1/4 cup dry non-fat milk
  • 1/2 cup wheat germ
  • Optional – Catnip – 10 small leaves from the garden, chopped very fine or ground with the pestle and mortar


Mix ingredients. Roll to a thin sheet, cut to size (cat biscuit size!)

Bake at 180 degrees celsius until brown – (it took 15 mins in my oven).

Thanks to for the base recipe.

Update: 2 September 2015

The old fella isn’t fond of the fish flavoured biscuits so we now use some of his regular food to flavour them.  He likes to eat veal or beef for his meal so we grind a bit of this up and include in the biscuit prior to cooking. The bonus is MY HOUSE DOESN’T STINK OF FISH!!


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